So what is this all About?


If you're wondering if this sport is for you...

When I began, I was just intrigued but wasn't sure if i could.


Once I made the decision that I was going to do this... it was life-altering. My entire outlook on the world changed. 


My overall mood improved, even the way I approached different situations in life became more productive. It's not just about flying. 


It's about experiencing true adventure and freedom in its purest form. 


Taking that leap to experience the world you live in from a perspective that most only dream of. When you literally run into the air that first time, it's like you leave all your troubles on the ground and escape to a magical land where it's just you and the air your riding on.


It's remembering what it felt like to have childhood dreams and then realizing your childhood dreams coming to life. After I experienced this for myself I started my journey to doing everything needed to be able to offer this magical sport to everyone I possibly could.


These experiences are the foundations that Happy Thoughts was built on and we continue to bring joy and magical experiences to tons of people every day.


When you experience this for yourself you will never look back. think happy thoughts and leave your world behind. YOU CAN FLY! 

want to get a taste of Powered Paragliding without the commitment? 

take a tandem flight and FREE inro lesson.

txt or email to book. 

       We work with you to fix whatever is keeping you grounded!                                   

Our entire structure is sut up to make it possible for anyone to learn this amazing sport.


#1 "i don't have the time" 

        - we allow you to come and go at your own schedule. 


#2 "I can't afford it"

            -we can work with you to get you into the air with a plan that fits your budget.


#3 "its not safe"  

        - PPG is the safest form of aviation (next to commercial airliners) if you would fly in a private airplane, you are actually safer doing this sport and if you would drive a motorcycle, you are 30% safer flying PPG! 


#4 "my wife won't let me" 

      - we take the wives on a tandem flight to starbucks and then hand them the controls on the way back (that's usually all it takes)

Happy Thoughts PPG is proud to be the only school that is entirely built upon our customer's feedback. 

"No one works harder, or is more patient than Carson and his team. Theyare very knowledgeable and have a great training program. Highly recommended!"   - James Robinson

"I loved the friendly atmosphere, the professional level of expertise, and the great flexibility for scheduling my training! I would recommend to anyone interested in that “first flight!”- M Webb

 So why choose us? 

 this is what sets us apart...

1. we are $800-$2400 more affordable than other schools. 


2. We don't require that you drop your life for 2 weeks. 

 (we allow you to come and go until you are ready to fly on your own) 


2. we are the only school that does not directly sell equipment. This is a huge deal because it allows us to be completely unbiased in helping you select your own gear, allows to be focused 100% on your training experience, and gives you 100% freedom in selecting your glider and paramotor. (you are not locked in to having to choose between only 2 or 3 brands.) 

3. we are a certified school with certified instructors.


4. We have a tow winch that allows you to get airborne as soon as your second day of training!!! this is a huge benefit because it will allow to you taste the feeling of flight and have your landings dialed in before ever strapping on the motor!  


5. fly on our stuff plus we have every training tool available to help you progress to being able to fly confidently and safely on your own. 

6. We have a tow winch that allows you to get airborne as soon as your second day of training!!! this is a huge benefit because it will allow to you taste the feeling of flight and have your landings dialed in before even strapping on the motor! 

8. We have it all... trike trainer, classroom, simulator, demo equipment, kiting harnesses, helmets etc.



Training details


when we train

 - Thurs. - Sun. and occasionally all week.


- Live Oak Florida (county airport)

how long it takes.

7 to 14 accumulated days


Pricing options 

                100 single intro lesson 1-2 hrs. (one time only offer)

                500 enrollment deposit then 100 per lesson (2.5-3 hrs.)  until one of the below options are met. 

                1200  if you get your motor and glider through Happy Thoughts ppg. 

                           2000 if you get only your glider through Happy Thoughts.

                           2500   if you have already purchased a motor and/or glider from somewhere else. 


If you show up with a motor /glider without first talking to us, it may prevent us from being able to proceed with your training. We do not allow students to train with equipment that is not right or safe for their weight, skill level, etc.


 once enrolled, Training will include: 

our training includes as many as 25 lesson days in a six month period. 

- access to all of our motors and gliders up to your 10th solo flights.

- tow wench flights.

-minimum of 7 accumulated hours of ground school.

- tandem instructional flights.

- access to the trike trainer.

- radio assisted motor flights.

- access to tips and tricks videos, online ground school and other info. to further accelerate your progression.

 We stick with you until you are 100% confident to go off on your own.  and still hope to see you back for progression.

A deposit of $500 required to book your initial 4 lessons. After this, your remaining tuition must be paid to continue.  

If you cancel your training at least 30 days from your booked dates, you are eligible for a 50% refund of your deposit.

once your remaining tuition is paid. You will not be eligible for any refunds.