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If you come here to train, do not buy any gear without first consulting with us, this is very important. probably the biggest mistake that paramotor pilots make is obsessing about equipment before they actually do any flying. Good research on equipment is not a mistake but so much is revealed during the learning process – imagine trying to buy a plane when you have never flown in one yet. It works best if you allow us to help you in selecting gear.

The Glider
Gin Pegasus 2

For your benefit, we are the only school that does not sell motors or gliders. This allows us to ensure we get you set up on the right equipment for you. We have tested multiple brands and do have some favorites. They are listed below.

With its amazing flare authority and flawless launch characteristics, the Gin Pegasus 2 puts a check mark in all the boxes. This glider will make you look and feel like a pro. 

price - 3500

The Pegasus 2 is a universal paramotoring wing for beginning and leisure pilots who want a confidence-inspiring wing that is also fun to fly, both with and without a motor.

Keep in mind that when you buy a certain brand of paramotor, you are buying the frame/cage. just about any motor unit will fit on any cage. so, for example, you can order a simplify cage with many different motors. The 3 most popular motors are the Vittorazi Moster 185 Plus, Per Volo Top 80, and the Vittorazi Atom 80. It is also possible to order a complete unit that is ready to fly right out of the box.

*the paramotor prices and weights below are listed as with the Moster 185 motor. reduce by 10 - 12 pounds for the smaller (80cc) motors and reduce the price by about 300.

(these are just a few samples of what is out there) - Prices listed are ballpark and depend on the configuration you choose.


  (this one also happens to be what the school uses to train you on)



pros - extremely light 

         - very strong  

         - easy disasemble

cons - expensive 

         - not as strong around the hoop

         - harness is not great while on the ground

weight - 53 lbs. 

price - 8495


pros - very light 

         - pretty stong

cons - pitches forward at full power


weight - 55 lbs.      

price - 7150 


pros -pretty light

         - good price

         -decent strength/weight ratio

         - easy to disasemble 

         - great customer support

cons  - not the strongest out there 

          - semi flexi hoop 



pros - amazing customer support

         - very light

         - decently priced 

         -good strength/weight ratio 

cons  - not the strongest out there 

          - semi flexi hoop 

          - harder to break down than some

Propulse Titan 

 pros - great price for titanium   - easy to break down  

  - great customer service        

 - fairly strong

  - light 

cons - netting spaces

         - semi flexible hoop 

weight 53 lbs. 

price - 6400

Parajet  Maverick

pros -  amazingly light

         - strong

         - flies good 

         - cool gas tank

cons - smaller tank 

          - weakish netting

          - does not hold the bigger prop well

          - expensive

          weight - 55 lbs. price - 8250 

 Scout- (not recommended unless your a "talented beginner")

pros - flies splendidly

         - looks cool 

         - easyish repairs

         -looks cool 

cons - expensive. 

          - brittle

          - heavyish for the strength

weight- 60 lbs. 

price - 8950


pros -extremely strong

         -looks cool 

cons - heavy 

         - expensive 


pros -extremely strong

         - great netting

         - large crumple zone

cons  -expensive ish

          - possibly awkward without               proper technique 

Price 8,095


pros - excellent compactness when disassembled 

         -easy disassemble


        cons  - expensive 

                   - heavy


pros - very strong 

         -  breaks down compact for travel 

         - light 

cons - expensive 

         - not as much netting 

         - tricky to break down/ assemble

               Vitorazi Atom 80

while only 80cc, this motor can produce 110 pounds of thrust and barely sips fuel. Super quiet and super smooth. Depending on the frame, this motor can be mounted and ready to fly with a weight of only 43 pounds.


The power units

            Vitarozi Moster 185 Plus

The Moster 185 is the single most widely used motor in the sport. It has an amazing power to weight ratio and can produce 160 pounds of thrust. Unlike the smaller 80cc motors, This is a great option if you are a bigger guy over 200 pounds.


Corsair Black Bee 125 

The perfect balance between weight and power! see its BIG brother below.

 per vollo - top 80 

This one is like the Honda of the paramotor world, the Top 80 has been around for years and has proven itself to be an extremely reliable motor. if you are 170 pounds or less, this is the motor is for you. not to mention unparalleled reliability and customer service!

Corsair Black Bull 230 (only recommended as trike motor)

this one is a total powerhouse and what we use for tandem flights at the school. 

(a bit heavy for foot launch though)