how safe is it? statistically, it is the safest form of aviation (next to commercial airliners) as the saying goes ..."it's as safe as you make it"

how long does it take to learn? - it varies from person to person but you will need to dedicate a minimum of 7 accumulated days to be proficient.

how long does a single session last? - around 2 hours and we try to meet morning and evenings 

How high can i go? - legally up to 18,000 feet but few have wanted to be that cold.

what does a paramotor run on ? - they are a two stroke motor and they run on a mixture of gasoline and oil.

how long can i fly for ? - there are some variables but figure 3-4 hours on a tank of gas. 

what happens if the motor dies? - you simply glide down and land (killing the motor while still airborne is the standard way to land.)

can i fly from anywhere? basically yes (excluding large airports and most state and national parks) many pilots take off and land in their back yards.

does it require a license - no, most would agree it truely is the greatest form of freedom. 

what is the most common injury - ironically, it is from starting the motor

while standing on the ground.

how much is the equipment ? - it varies with type and brand but figure between 6,000 and 10,000 dollars. 

is there a weight limit? - not really although for tandems, it is best for the passenger to be 200 pounds or less.

what if i don't like running? - you can fly a trike with wheels and take off and land just like sitting in a plane.

do you think my wife allow me to do this ? - N/A