Located In Live Oak, Florida

Want to taste the freedom of limitless adventure?

Take a tandem flight with an instructor and once air born, you get to do the flying.
FREE kiting session included with every tandem flight.
  • Is it paramotoring safe? yes, it's actually the safest form of flying. 
  • ​is it fun ? it's not only fun, it's one of the most freeing and life altering sports around. 
  • ​how long does it take to learn? 4-6 days.
  • ​how hard is it? children fly these. flying is the easy part (easier than driving a car) the part that requires some skill is a smooth take off. 
  • ​currently the most rapidly growing form of flight.
  • ​how much is all of the needed equipment ? new gear ranges $7,000-10,000 dollars used gear ranges $6,000-7,000  
Once you enroll, we send you free training gear and full access to our online video tutorials and ground school so you can get a head start in your training.


weekend/weekday classes and 7 day courses available.

there is no "end date" to your classes, once your in, you can come as often as you would like for more training at no additonal cost.

When & Where: Thursday - Sunday at the Live Oak, Florida county airport located at 13302 Voyles St, Live Oak, FL 32060.
we also do 7-10 day classes once per month depending on weather.

We do (2) 3 hour sessions per day. (early morning and late evening)
winter mornings may be 2 hour sessions depending on weather.

A $500 deposit secures your spot and gives you access our online ground school and video courses. 

Standard tuition is as follows... (after your 3rd lesson we collect a remaining 2,000 and adjust accordingly as you train and decide what gear option is best for you). see below.
$2000 final tuition if you get your own new motor and new glider through Happy Thoughts PPG.  
$2500 final tution with purchase of new glider only (or motor only).
$3000 final tuition with no equipment purchase.

$150 Instructional Tandem flight (includes free kiting intro lesson) $500 deposit not required for tandem flight.

 Training Includes: Access to all of our equipment, tow wench flights, tandem flights, radio assisted instruction, and our online ground school course. If you're planning on bringing your own equipment, please contact us before you arrive!

Time Required: Training takes 4 -7 accumulated days (with good weather) ; however, you do not have to do each day back to back. We work with your schedule to allow you to come and go whenever works best for you. 

you generally begin motor flights between day 3-4  (weather is key) we recommend a 25 flight minimum.


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What happens if the motor dies?

You simply glide down and land in a safe spot. In fact, killing the motor while still airborne is the standard way to land.

How safe is powered paragliding?

It is statictically the safest form of aviation besides commercial airliners. There's a saying that, "it's as safe as you make it." The reason for most accidents is actually landing in water without floatation and improper motor starting procedure (ground starting)

How long does it take to learn?

as soon as 2 or 3 days but advise a minimum of 7 accumulated days to be proficient.

How high can I fly?

Legally you can fly up to 18,000 feet (yes that's over 3 miles) high, but few have wanted to be that cold.

How long can I fly for?

There are some variables, but you can figure around 3-4 hours on a single tank of gas.

Does powered paragliding require a license?

No. Most would agree that it's truly the greatest form of freedom.

Are your instructors certified?

Yes. We are certified through the United States Powered Paragliding Association (USPPA).

Is there a weight limit?

Not really. The more you weigh, the bigger of a glider and motor you will need. Although for tandem flights (2 people), it's best for the passenger to weight 250 pounds or less.


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