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Come take an intro lesson and a tandem flight. This will give you a chance to test the waters and even fly a paramotor with an instructor at your side all in a single 1 hour session. 

Now we offer even more fun stuff!
Free BGD Seed training glider and Apco kiting harness when you sign up for training.  

See details below at "Further training details"


weekend courses and 7-10 classes available.

When & Where: Mostly Fri - Sunday at the Live Oak, Florida county airport located at 13302 Voyles St, Live Oak, FL 32060.
we also do 7-10 day classes once per month depending on weather.
Weather is the biggest dictator in scheduling and we sometimes will randomly open on Mon. - Wed. 
We do (2) 3-4 hour sessions per day. With a Mid-day break from around 11:00 - 3:00 

Cost: A $500 deposit secures your spot and gives you access our online ground school and video courses. We collect your remaining tuition after you've had a couple lessons with us.
Standard tuition is as follows...  
$1200 if you get your own new motor and new glider through Happy Thoughts PPG. 
$2000 with purchase of glider or motor only.
$2700 with no equipment purchase.

$150 Instructional Tandem flight (includes free 1hr kiting lesson) $500 deposit not required for tandem flight.
Training Includes: Access to our equipment, tow wench flights, tandem flights, radio assisted instruction, and our online ground school course. If you're planning on bringing your own equipment, please contact us before you arrive!

Time Required: Training takes 4 -7 accumulated days (with good weather) ; however, you do not have to do each day back to back. We work with your schedule to allow you to come and go whenever works best for you. 
there is no "end date" to your classes, once your in, you can come as often as you would like for more training at no additonal cost.

Further Training Details / lodging

1.You need to Get all of your training complete within 30 - 45 days after your first lesson, consistency is important when learning this sport. 

2. Plan on getting your own gear after you've had a few flights on ours so you can begin familiarizing yourself with it.

3. If you can get your glider before your first visit, you can begin learning how to control the glider while standing on the ground. Spend a week on your own timeline getting the basics down to greatly reduce your training time and get 100 dollars off your training tuition.

4. We usually have some used gear at a discounted price and you can go this route for equipment and still land under the lower pricing tiers.

5. Weather is the biggest dictator in scheduling and we sometimes will randomly open on Mon. - Wed. 

6. We do (2) 3-4 hour sessions per day. With a Mid-day break from around 11:30 - 2:30

7. There are several motels within 5 minutes of the airport and a campground is right across the road with full hookups for only 25 per night.
call 386.362.3004 for the campground, 386.362.6020 for Quality Inn, 386.362.2600 for Holiday Inn

8. You will get a minimum of 25 flights on our equipment, by this time if you still don't have your own, we will then rent the gear to you for an hourly rate.

9. Here is how the tuition pricing works...
We initially collect a total of 2000 and then depending on how much gear you get through us, we either return 800 to you or collect an additional 700. 
  -The deposit is non refundable
  - The remaining tuition is only refundable if you pay it before having a couple lessons and only if you request a refund 2 weeks before first  scheduled visit.

10. Once your full Tuition is paid, we will mail you a top quality trainer glider and harness that you can use to follow along with our online video tutorials.
this will give you a huge head start if you can get in a few days of familiarizing yourself with the art of Kiting (standing on the ground and learning to keep the glider centered overhead before coming to us for your training. You must cover the shipping fees 

If you get decent at kiting, it will greatly minimize the time you have to spend on the ground and allow you to move into actual motor flights much sooner. this is just as beneficial to us as it is you.

You will be allowed 2 weeks with this free training package to give yourself this extra advantage.

After 2 weeks, you need to send the equipment back to us and most likely plan on your time needed for training to be reduced by around 2-4 days.


  • ​we take it further by not only teaching you how to get off the ground but to become a master of all 15 techniques to maximum glider control even in high winds.
  • ​All of your ground school is online allowing you to get a HUGE head start on the training before you even begin your classes.
  • We have invested over 50k in gear and even have some special things that are completely custom training tools.
  • ​​We are $800 - $2400 more affordable than other schools. 
  • We don't require that you live here for 2 weeks. We allow you to come and go until you are ready to go fly on your own.
  • We are the only school that does not sell equipment directly. This is a huge deal because it allows us to be completely unbiased in helping you select your own gear. It also allows us to be focused 100% on your training experience and gives you 100% freedom in selecting your glider and motor (you are not locked in to having to choose between only 2 or 3 brands).
  • ​We are a certified school with certified instructors.
  • ​We have a tow winch that allows you to get airborne as soon as your second day of training. This is a huge benefit because it will allow to you taste the feeling of flight and have your landings dialed in before even strapping on the motor!
  • ​we are structured like a club ....you get to come back as often as you like for more advanced training at no additional cost. 
  • ​We are the only school with a custom built Paramotor Trike trainer with a fully enclosed prop 
  • ​classroom, simulator, demo equipment, kiting harnesses, helmets, and much, much more!
  • ​we have awesome reviews and guarantee an awesome experience
  • ​you sorta get free stuff when you sign up


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How safe is powered paragliding?

It is the safest form of aviation besides commercial airliners. There's a saying that, "it's as safe as you make it." The reason for most accidents is inadequate training and flying in bad weather.

How long does it take to learn?

as soon as 2 or 3 days but advise a minimum of 7 accumulated days to be proficient.

How long does a single training session take?

plan on at least 3 hours. We normally train in the mornings and evenings. totaling 6 hrs/day

How high can I fly?

Legally you can fly up to 18,000 feet (yes that's over 3 miles) high, but few have wanted to be that cold.

How long can I fly for?

There are some variables, but you can figure around 3-4 hours on a single tank of gas.

What happens if the motor dies?

You simply glide down and land in a safe spot. In fact, killing the motor while still airborne is the standard way to land.

Does powered paragliding require a license?

No. Most would agree that it's truly the greatest form of freedom.

Are your instructors certified?

Yes. We are certified through the United States Powered Paragliding Association (USPPA).

How much is the equipment?

It varies with the types and brands you choose, but you can estimate spending between $6,000 - $10,000.

Is there a weight limit?

Not really. The more you weigh, the bigger of a kite you will need. Although for tandem flights (2 people), it's best for the passenger to weight 200 pounds or less.

Below are two different quizzes designed to give you personal results for equipment options.



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